Adventure Awaits

I didn’t sleep a wink last night. Mostly because I soaked in every last minute I could with Nellie (my female love interest, for those unfamiliar), and partly because my pits were sweating profusely out of nervous excitement. I currently have the same excitement/giddy-ness/ eery peace that I’ve only felt once before – that time when I hopped on the bus to go to Young Life camp in 2007 with nothing but the clothes on my back, a tooth brush, and twenty bucks.

I’m embarking on an adventure that I’ve realized is as memorable and as once-in-a-lifetime as being born, getting married (ideally), and eating your first raw oyster.

Over the next seven(ish) weeks I’ll be backpacking anywhere that the wind blows and my Eurail Pass allows between Israel and London. For those I haven’t schpeeled to yet, I’m taking a graduation trip that kinda makes my head want to explode. My grandfather left me a chunk of cash in stock that was still glowing even after my “graduation” (I still have nine hours left…yea, about that). My mother, who backpacked for six months herself in her younger years, tossed out (well, more like shoved in my face) the idea of backpacking with the money I have left.

I examined my circumstance and this is what I realized: A) This my last Summer ever (like, forever-ever) that I’ll have seven weeks open with no job obligation and no wife and family to love and feed. 2) I’m only 22 years old, mobile, hostile, and agile once in my life. And D) There’s that chunk of change afloat in the stock market with my name on it.

The planets had never been so aligned, and never would be so for the rest of my life here on Planet Earth. So I called the broker, yanked the dough, bought my ticks (“tickets” abbreviated), a backpack, fancy Exofficio backpacking undies that can go weeks without a wash, and decided to make this trip my own and take advantage of this opportunity that is as once-in-a-lifetime as one’s first cigarette, first-born child, and going to Young Life camp with the clothes on one’s back.

I’m sitting in the London right now, awaiting my flight to Athens.

I do actually have some goals on this trip. 1) Pretend I work for the Travel Channel and the Food Network at the same time and eat and drink accordingly. B) Hitchhike more than once. And 4) Trust the Lord day by day to bring exhilarating situations, spontaneity, excitement, and “life to the full” that only comes on the other side of faith and risk. I would be lying if I didn’t say I feel slightly nervous and inadequate right now. But faith wouldn’t be faith without faith itself, right?

I’ll keep updating my blog on a somewhat-regular basis for all five or six of you that’ll keep up with this thing.

Adventure awaits,


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2 Responses to Adventure Awaits

  1. Eve Smith says:

    Carlyle, beautifully written..said..etc! 7 weeks! wow…i did not know!! ok…so then you HAVE to spend more than a couple days in Rome!!! Go to ALL those places i said were a must see! Also, one that i forgot to write down….one of the great events that roma has….is live concerts at the circus maximus….i saw sting!, alica keys, santana..and many more! One other thing about the italians(me being a daughter of one)…slow down…watch them carefully…it seems at first that they are busy like crazy…but infact they are so humble to the human connection between one another…you will be lucky if you see it!! learn from it!! take it in!! Roma is an enchanting city….hope you love it as much as i did….good thing i didnt mind living there for eight weeks!!! i cant wait to see what else you write about!!!! keep us posted here back on the main land!!

  2. Christine says:

    It sounds like you are having a great time! I’m so happy for you! We all miss you:(
    Christine (substitue mom)

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